Who We Are

Sweet Energy started as an idea to introduce anyone who struggles with mental health to a lifestyle that can help with the challenge of balancing everyday life.
Passionate about this topic and knowing the power within her own story, our founder Twaneeta decided to share her experiences with holistic practices and tools such as healing crystals and positive affirmations that have shaped a more positive mindset and way of living. 
She is learning how to maintain mental health wellness by working to improve her mind, body, and spirit even when most days are tough. She wishes to share her journey with the world in hopes to inspire and encourage someone else to create a life that they can grow to love and appreciate. One day while planning to launch the company and talking to her mother she realized that Sweet Energy was more than an idea, it is a lifestyle brand. It is a vibe. It's an attitude that promotes self-growth and development. And just like that Sweet Energy manifested. 
Sweet Energy is a clothing brand bridging the gap between mental health and fashion. We hope to inspire, educate and motivate you to be your best self and to create your dream life. We are your one-stop-shop for good vibes. 
Have you ever conquered a major milestone in life that you felt was impossible? Email our founder at staysweet@sweet-energy.com to get your five seconds of fame on with our featured blog.
Keep your energy positive.